Another one of my daughter’s…

It was a perfect morning for photo shoots but I don’t have any scheduled.  So, since I have a model who is with me 24/7, why not take photos of her instead and not waste a perfect lighting 😉


Baby Jake with Mom and Dad

Had a fun shoot with this little guy!  Isn’t he adorable?  It took him a while to get used to me and my camera.  We’ve tried singing, clapping, and calling out his name just to show his smile but a bottle of Tylenol beat us to it!  Lol!

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A baby girl is on the way!

A friend of ours is soon going to have a baby girl!  So, I volunteered myself to take her maternity pictures.  🙂  A lovely family and beautiful momma indeed!

Fun with Ellie

Location: Golden Gardens, Seattle

Didn’t actually think this shoot was going to happen because when we got there the beach was so packed!  I actually thought of moving to a different location but I was like, what the heck, I’m pretty sure there’s a spot where there aren’t that much people.  You’d think parking was going to be daunting but it was our lucky day after all!  With all that said, everything went as planned and we all had a wonderful time.  This little lady did a wonderful job smiling and playing!  She is so adorable!  Thank you little lady for being such an awesome model!  Hope to see you and your down to earth parents soon!

2 in 1: A Baptism and A Birthday

Baptism and birthday in one.  Isn’t that cool?!  Oh yeah, talk about big savings! 😉  Anyway, here are the photos.

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Little AV’s 2nd Birthday

Bouncy +cup cakes + sugar rush = Chaos and fun times!  The weather’s little gloomy but the fun never ends as long as family and friends are there to celebrate this little boy’s 2nd birthday.  Fun times indeed!

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Weekend at the beach

It was a beautiful weekend at the beach with two of my darlings, which is, my husband and daughter.  We had a blast and were able to see a pup, a newborn seal, with umbilical chord still dangling.  A couple of friends made a day trip and went surfing with my hubby.

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