My 1st Engagement Session

I am back at blogging!

It’s been a while since I’ve had so much to do – tending to 2 toddlers, study for my naturalization, etc..  But anyway, yay for E-session!

I’ve been craving for an engagement shoot for the longest time, well, ever since I got my camera.  I was glad that it didn’t give me a hard time finding a couple who would volunteer.  It turned out that a friend of mine knew a couple who are soon getting married and they’d love to be my first victim. 😉

Elaine and Rem Engagement Session

Discovery Park and Seattle Arboretum

July 2, 2011


Both of them where a little shy at first and I on the other hand didn’t know how to handle this kind of shoot.  Boo-hoo…  Well first of, I didn’t have any experience with this type of shoot and second, my communication skill needs some or shall I say more practice.  I wanted this shoot to be smooth but I had to say something to make them feel comfortable and smile or giggle.  But all of us had a lot of fun after all; learned a lot by the end of the session.  I really need to brush off that shyness in me and just let the words flow.  I’ll try my very best, i should, next time.  So, here are the photos from my very 1st E-session.  Hope you’ll all like it.  If you find something off, just leave a comment, that way, I can learn more.  Getting input from others especially those of professional photographers will really help me better on taking photographs.   Enjoy (maybe not), like it, share it and give a comment (good or bad)!  Thanks!


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