Taking a break

Hello everyone! 

It’s been 8 long months since my last post.  I have been on break for a long time!  Well, I am 8 months pregnant now and expecting our 2nd next month!  Isn’t that exciting?!  I will surely be taking pictures as soon as the baby comes out and I will be taking clients as soon as I get my schedule fixed.  For now, I will just be posting pictures of my 3 year old daughter. 

The sun was out and she wanted her picture taken while she’s picking flowers in our backyard. 



Family Portraiture

Villeda Family

December 4, 2011

Discovery Park, Seattle

It was a cold Sunday morning but it didn’t stop us from doing the shoot.  I’ve been to this location before for an engagement shoot but on a different area.  These were shot around the visitor center and they all turned out good!  I had a blast with this family and I am looking forward to our second shoot!

Equipments:  D90; 35mm f1.8g

My 1st Engagement Session

I am back at blogging!

It’s been a while since I’ve had so much to do – tending to 2 toddlers, study for my naturalization, etc..  But anyway, yay for E-session!

I’ve been craving for an engagement shoot for the longest time, well, ever since I got my camera.  I was glad that it didn’t give me a hard time finding a couple who would volunteer.  It turned out that a friend of mine knew a couple who are soon getting married and they’d love to be my first victim. 😉

Elaine and Rem Engagement Session

Discovery Park and Seattle Arboretum

July 2, 2011


Both of them where a little shy at first and I on the other hand didn’t know how to handle this kind of shoot.  Boo-hoo…  Well first of, I didn’t have any experience with this type of shoot and second, my communication skill needs some or shall I say more practice.  I wanted this shoot to be smooth but I had to say something to make them feel comfortable and smile or giggle.  But all of us had a lot of fun after all; learned a lot by the end of the session.  I really need to brush off that shyness in me and just let the words flow.  I’ll try my very best, i should, next time.  So, here are the photos from my very 1st E-session.  Hope you’ll all like it.  If you find something off, just leave a comment, that way, I can learn more.  Getting input from others especially those of professional photographers will really help me better on taking photographs.   Enjoy (maybe not), like it, share it and give a comment (good or bad)!  Thanks!

Photographing a newborn

If you think about it, taking photographs of newborn babies may seem to be easy.  You’re wrong!  Well, I was…  This was my first time taking professional photographs of a newborn baby and it was a daunting task for me.  The baby was cranky and awake the time of the photo shoot.  So, with all those crying I became uncomfortable and saw the baby feeling the same.  Which, at the same time, made me just hit that clicker as many as I can without thinking if they’re good or not (sigh).  With that said, I’m thinking if I should still do newborn’s  or not…  do I have the skill for it?  Should I try again or just give up?   Deep inside me, I know I can do this, with patience, perseverance and as they say “practice makes perfect”.  So, here’s a few of the photos I took.  Sorry if you think I didn’t do good.  Next time, I will do my very best.

Flash light project

Here’s one of the photos I’ve taken the other day, my so-called “Flash light project”.  I still want to do more of this project but I don’t know when the kiddos (hubby’s cousins) will come and visit us again.  Oh well, there’s the 4th of July and I’m excited about it – fireworks!

Flash light project

I am currently in the process of doing this project and will be posting photos as soon as I’m done with them…  So, stay tuned!

Moving out of my other blog…

Should I be sad or happy?  Uhm…  Maybe I should be happy!  A new address, new look, and uhm…  I don’t know.  I’m new here and still have a lot to find out about wordpress.  So…  I’ll be posting photos pretty soon.  toodaloo!

FYI:  You might notice that some posts are dated earlier than this one.  That is because I moved all my previous blog posts from another blog of mine to here.  🙂  So please, don’t get confused! 😉

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